Gianluca Cervino

Ph.D. Student

Personal information

  • Gianluca Cervino is a PhD Student with "Biometric Systems and Multimedia Forensics" Lab of the "University of Roma Tre", Rome, Italy under the supervision of Professor Patrizio Campisi from 2020. His current research area is Multibiometry based on Face Video and Heart Rate Estimation.
  • Gianluca Cervino also is a technological consultant in the field of Machine Learning development for Elis Innovation Hub, Rome, Italy from december 2020. He was a researcher for Medical Physics Service in Bambino Gesł Children's Hospital, Vatican City between november 2019 and november 2020. Where he carried out a research projects on Machine Learning aimed at clinical purposes among wich the classification of Radio-graphic and Echo-grafic images, in particular the main research project was focused on the development of Neural Networks to classify the Fit model and predict the Biokinetic Parameters aimed at the estimation of Cumulated Activity in Molecular Radiotherapy. This research project was also the thesis for Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering which was achived with honors, in the Engineering Department of the Roma Tre University in july 2020. The excellent results allowed drafting a research paper aimed at submition to the Medical Physics Journal.