Biometric Systems and Multimedia Forensics LAB

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The Biometrics and Multimedia Forensics Laboratory at Roma Tre University carries out research on biometric systems and on Multimedia Forensics.
More in detail, BioMedia4n6 Lab conducts research on both unimodal and multimodal biometric systems with emphasis on security and privacy requirements as well as on user’s usability. Dynamic signature, keystroke dynamics, vein patterns, cognitive biometrics (EEG biometrics), behavioral analysis, and gesture analysis are investigated. In addition, BioMedia4n6 Lab focuses on biometric systems security issues and on the design of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), namely cancelable biometrics and biometric cryptosystems. Emphasis is given on the implementation of fully operating biometric systems on low power consumption devices, such as mobile devices, as well as on stand-alone solutions. Biometrics for forensics purposes is also analyzed. De-identification techniques in multimedia content, i.e. the process of concealing the identities of individuals captured in a given set of data (images, video, audio, text), for the purpose of protecting their privacy, are investigated. Digital Watermarking methods, digital device identification, and data integrity verification also fall within the Lab’s topics of interests.



Patrizio Campisi

Lab Director

Emanuele Maiorana

Assistant Professor

Teodors Eglitis

Ph.D. Student



Emanuela Piciucco

Post-doc researcher

Ridvan Salih Kuzu

Ph.D. Student

Himanka Kalita

Ph.D. Student

Ebenezer Okoh

Ph.D. Student

Gianluca Cervino

Ph.D. Student


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